Moving from winter to summer, in van terms

In the last two weeks we’ve driven from stormy British Columbia to sunny California, transitioning from winter to summer along the way.  The increases in temperature have meant changes to our lifestyle, measured in van terms:

  • -5F: Engine starts on first try
  • 0F: The interior metal surfaces form dew, not frost
  • 10F: Don’t need to wear insulated boots each time you step outside
  • 15F: Morning frost inside the windshield is thin enough to be wiped off (not scraped off)
  • 20F: Snow melts off our skis overnight
  • 25F: The windshield stops frosting overnight
  • 35F: Enjoy running without fear of falling on ice
  • 40F: Heater doesn’t switch on overnight
  • 45F: Start getting out of the van at vistas
  • 50F: Condensation doesn’t form on the windows
  • 55F: Go for a run in a T-shirt
  • 65F: Excavate flip-flops, put tire chains away
  • 68F: Hang out with the van door open
  • 70F: Start using the ceiling vents to keep from overheating

Happy springtime!

View of mountains through frost on windshields
View through the frost on our windows at Rogers Pass (overnight temps -9F)


2 thoughts on “Moving from winter to summer, in van terms”

  1. Love that you got a whole range of temps! I was in Europe in my van before Xmas and it was soooo cold! Can’t wait to trip in it in warmer weather. Love reading about your adventures

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